Benefits Of Rapid Home Drug Test Kits

It is important to note that home test kits are not to be full relied as a substitute for CLIA approved laboratory. However, in most cases, they offer advantages over the traditional laboratory testing. The advantages can reduce the healthcare costs, offer peace of mind, and be vital in improving health care and improving health.

Added convenienceDrug Test 13

These kits offer convenience to individuals that are homebound for different reasons such as illness, lack of transport, or limited funds. Since the kits can be ordered online and then shipped to your home, this offers more convenience. In addition, the test results are obtained in a matter of minutes after following the directions, which come with the kit. You should note that most of home test kits do not require the collection of blood. However, they do require the collection of saliva, hair, and urine.

Confidentiality and privacy of test results

This is very important to individuals who live in small communities where what happens in the doctor’s office becomes the talk of the community. This is the case with the tests for the sexually transmitted diseases, paternity tests, and illegal drug tests. Most people are worried about the test results, which will ultimately end up in the national databank. However, with home testing, this is not the case.

Family stability

Drug Test 14As the illegal drug epidemic continues to plague the community, home drug testing is the safety way and linchpin of family stability. This is the case if it is done on teenagers. These drug test kits will enable implementation and enforcement of a teen and parent Free Home Agreement. Without home testing, this can prove priceless in terms of the future direction of the family.

Insurance plan

Home tests can prove to be an important step in making a decision on the type of insurance cover you want to have. This is the case if you have not been to a doctor and you are concerned that you may be having a certain illness that is yet to be diagnosed. As you know, some insurance plans have pre-existing exclusions that may not be covered for a given period. This will also help you in filling the questionnaire in the insurance application form. The use of home drug test kits from can offer you peace of mind regarding the environmental concerns.

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